Laying down on the jelly bed, the light slowly far away, the noisy sound of the heart rate monitor was in my head, I wanted to take it out from my head but I cloud not order my hands anymore, I did not fill it at all my lovely hand. The heart rate monitor stopped barking, my eyes were so lazy and cloud not handle its worked anymore. Just a second after its closed. The low frequency sound whispered my left ear

“Wake up! The lazy boy”

my body sprang up in the air, everything I saw was black and white, no tasted on food and no sound. The only thing that I noticed the environment was changed everytime my heart breathed.

“Bang!” the door slammed

I heard the sound like baby inside that room, I slowly walked though that door, What I saw was the doctors and nurses stood surround that patient bed, “Huueeee!” a woman screamed, I tried to get closer for looking at that women’s face but I was blocked by a group of doctors.

“I got your child”, one of the doctors cried,

I cloud see the clearly face of that baby, his face looked similar to me. At that moment, everything went fast and it was slow down. Many people were surrounding the bed, the dark floor was covered by the foot heigh water.

“She never come back again” the anonymous sound came from behide me

I woke up but this time in the normal place. I had lots of question in my mind were waiting the answer. Who was that woman at the bed with her baby and who that woman at the bed just before I woke up.

Just a dream!

Ten years passed, the first moment flashed back into my head, I stood at the same place, the same time, the same picture, the same feeling as I did, everything were so similar to that moment, that woman and a baby. This was the best day of my life, I never forget her face, her first time, that smile.

Twenty years passed, the last flashed back came into my mind, I relied that the anonymous sound was my father.